First Post!

June 22, 2011 at 13:48 (Uncategorized)

I’ve finally decided to dive into the blogging world! I am a full time work out of the home to my now 17 month old son, Aiden. He is my pride and joy. I am engaged to my son’s dad, and we share our house with two dogs. After having our son, we were looking at ways to cut some of our expenses, as the biggest thing you hear about having kids is…”it’s expensive!”. We chose to cloth diaper our son, which has not only saved us money, but has also saved us from him having rashes, that we discovered he gets when wearing disposables. I am a HUGE supporter of cloth diapering, and tell everyone I know about it! Even Nick tells people about it! He’s a great sport about the cloth diapering, and has even said he couldn’t imagine using disposables (I think he’s more thrilled about saving $$ though :)] 

I’m also a big supporter of supporting Work At Home Mom’s [aka WAHM’s]. I love looking around on Etsy, and even have several pages I’ve “liked” on facebook that I’ve found several wonderful things on, from cloth diapers, to household items. It’s hard to curb spending sometimes when you find such great things! 🙂 

Couponing is another big factor for us to save money. I enjoy watching Extreme Couponing, but there have been some episodes that have not been a favorite of mine. I don’t have huge stockpiles of mustard, but I do enjoy saving money on my grocery bill, and if something IS a good enough deal, I will stock up on things that I know will get used in my family. But buying a hundred bottles of mustard, even if it was free, would serve pointless to my family. I’m not sure we’d even use a hundred bottles in our lifetime. [We’re not big mustard eaters…].

I’ll try to keep up at this blogging thing, posting deals, ways to save money, great WAHM items, etc. from time to time! I hope you’ll enjoy what I do post! Hopefully I can keep up, working full time outside of the home, and keeping up with my son keeps me pretty busy these days [I wouldn’t have it any other way with my son though, can’t imagine life without the little guy!]


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